I am so glad you’re here and I’m looking forward to helping you discover the core of who you are as we uncover your understanding of yourself and your unique world. I understand that it takes a tremendous amount of courage to get to this point, and I’m honored that you have chosen this space to start this process of your reclamation.

My goal in therapy is to help instill within you a deeper sense of self, one that will allow you to recover that piece of you that has been taken away either by circumstance or experience. Although you may not believe it to be true right now your body, mind, and soul have all the answers you need to heal. I believe in your knowledge, in your bravery, and especially in you.

To get started, on this site you will be able to download necessary forms for your first appointment as well as find helpful information to assist you in your well-being. You will also find an introduction to your counselor, as well as information about booking your first session.